It’s 2018…… We no longer do blood-letting or leaching. We don’t drill holes into skulls to help with headaches. So why are we still hell-bent on sit-ups for core work?

When you think about training core stability you have to understand what that truly means. The core is made up of the diaphragm, pelvic floor, and all the surrounding abdominal wall. As the diaphragm contracts, it creates pressure in the abdomen. It is your ability to create this intra-abdominal pressure that helps to stabilize the spine and create a fixed point in the lumbar spine. That fixed point then allows you to transfer force from the hips to the shoulders and produce movement and power.

Imagine a backhoe at a construction site. If it doesn’t put down the stabilizers before digging, it won’t have the same digging power and may even tip over. Our core works in a similar fashion. The last thing we want is for that core to start flexing and rotating. So why do we keep training it that way?

We need to start thinking of the core as a stabilizer and not a mover. Teach it how to hold strong and not buckle. Your exercises need to reflect that. Get rid of the sit-ups, crunches, V-ups, Russian twists, and whatever old-school “core” work you have learned in the past.

Start using bridging, planking, dead bugs, and bear. All of those will keep the core stable while generating movement in the extremities. That’s how the core is supposed to work. Check out

Don’t get stuck in the dogma. Change the way you think and the way you train.